Frog Rain original artist painting

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Frog Rain  acrylic painting

"Frog Rain "
acrylic on canvas 24 � 36 inches tall

A frog rain is a sign of good times to come for the earth. The red-eyed tree frog checks out a blue dragonfly. White crane birds flyby over the waterfall of life-giving water. A rainbow glows from the mist. The tropical scenery is topped by the tall white bird of paradise flower. A wonderful allegory on the complexities and beauty of life.

•The artwork is hand painted to a very natural look.
Original painting with artist signature and copyright.
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•"Acrylic on canvas", state of the art and nontoxic artist materials.
Simple frame included - Absolutely Beautiful.
•World wide collectable artist with 24 years of professional painting and sculpting experience producing fine details and quality of craftsmanship; made in USA.

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'Frog Rain' original acrylic painting, 24 � 36 inches tall = $650 + $110 shipping/handling.
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