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Susan Shore moved to Florida from northern Michigan in1985. Sue loves the wildlife found here as well as in her native state, she loves color and detail as you can see in some of her fantasy fish. She is now doing a series of sculptures of Florida’s last cowboys, wall hanging of birds in flight and a young horse 41/2 ft tall.

Sue has been sculpting for 10 years . Teaching sculpture at the visual arts center in Punta Gorda, FL and the cultural center of Port Charlotte has given her an appreciation of different styles of art.

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Public Commissions:
Public Commissions: : Custom birds in flight for Charlotte County Exhibition Hall. [contact for info.]
. : SS--Public :
$call for price + $call for price: ship

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Ibis In Flight
Ibis In Flight: Sculpted with apoxie sculpt( suitable for out of doors )finished in acrylic 3 ft long 2 1/2 wide. stainless hangers built into the framework. [contact for info.]
. : SS--Ibis In:
$350 + $48 ship

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Kestrels: Kestrels (the littlest Falcon) on wood sculpted with apoxie sculpt and finished in acrylic paint natural colors.12 inches high 10 inches tall. 12 inches high. [contact for info.]
. : SS--Kestrel:
$220 + $32 ship

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Owl Sculpture
Owl Sculpture : Sculpted with apoxie sculpt,7 inches 4 inches long. Finished in acrylic mat finish. [contact for info.]
. : SS--Owl Scu:
$39 + $10 ship

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Fantasy Fish
Fantasy Fish: 14 in. high, 18 inches long. Multi-colored, iridescent, metallic, fish sculpture with glass finish. Media: apoxie-sculpt. No two alike all original custom orders upon request. Priced according to size. [contact for info.]
. : SS--Fantasy:
$210 + $22 ship

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Gold Fantasy Fish
Gold Fantasy Fish: Fish sculpted with apoxie sculpt,finished with metallic paint and gold foil very shiny 5 1/2 inches high 11 inches long. [contact for info.]
. : SS--Gold Fa:
$55 + $12 ship

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Fantasy Fish 2 Sided
Fantasy Fish 2 Sided: A two-sided fantasy fish![contact for info.]
. : SS--Fantasy:
$call for price + $call for price: ship

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Awakening, Male Nude
Awakening, Male Nude: 11 inches high 10 inches long. Award winning sculpture of a male nude finished with bronze and copper powder on a marble base. [contact for info.]
. : SS--Awakeni:
$205 + $32 ship

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Ribbon Dancer
Ribbon Dancer : Dancer nude with elongated arms and legs ,sculpted in apoxie sculpt ,finished with bronze and copper with iridescent metallic touches,quite delicate. 14 inches high 6 inches long. [contact for info.]
. : SS--Ribbon :
$147 + $24 ship

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Manatee (Pop And Son) On Marble Base
Manatee (Pop And Son) On Marble Base: Sculpted with apoxie sculpt ,finished in a green patina 9 1/inches high 9 inches long [contact for info.]
. : SS--Manatee:
$71.5 + $28 ship

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Little Egret On Wood
Little Egret On Wood : sculpted with apoxie sculpt. Finished in green and gold patina. [contact for info.]
. : SS--Little :
$195 + $35 ship

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Little Blue Heron (Immature)
Little Blue Heron (Immature): Sculpted with apoxie sculpt on a base of hydraulic cement with beach sand and sea shell incorporated into the base. suitable for out door use.24 inches tall 12 inches wide. [contact for info.]
. : SS--Little :
$293 + $48 ship

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