The finest materials and the most time possible spent in skilled craftsmanship help to create permanent added quality and value in all Chris Dixon Studios products.

Good Stuff!"Poxy-porcelain�" is a proprietary formula of high strength and nontoxic artist's materials suitable for exterior use. Many sculptors use 'poly' or 'resin' based formulas. However, the epoxy resin used in our art cast with "Poxy-porcelain�" is of aircraft quality; among the highest tensile strength, most chemically resistant and expensive in the industry. Our Poxy-porcelain © is a Dixon Bond © Dixon Bond © EpoxyEpoxy clay system .
Good Stuff!The epoxy used is nontoxic and will not weep any stinking fiberglass fumes. This '100% solids' epoxy resin never had any v.o.c. (volatile organic compounds)! When mixed and fully cured with the non-corrosive activator this epoxy is nontoxic and verry durable. The minerals, marble and porcelain used as aggregate create strength, aesthetics, and stability to the matrix. Glass fibers are added to resist the advance of any stress cracks due to abuse over time. Steel reinforcement may be used on larger architectural pieces. Finally the entire mixture is tinted with color safe pigments that should last a lifetime. High strength properties of our epoxy formula enable castings to be rotationally cast or hand layered in proportionately light weight cross sectional strength to weight ratios. The extreme hardness and tensile strength of our "Poxy-porcelain©" is well suited to capture and hold, in a scratch resistant medium, the fine surface details of Dixon artworks.
State of the ART ROTOCASTING ! Our decades of experience has resulted in a most refined and environmentally safe epoxy resin casting system. The only down side to is that the crafting requires a specific system and skilled techniques. A long cure time lowers the number of items that can be cast from each mold in a given time. The epoxy used has approximately 3 times longer cure time than inferior polyester (fiberglass) resins and is drastically slowed in cooler temperatures. The number of castings per mold lifetime may be significantly reduced due to the epoxy's extreme adhesive properties. Epoxy cements permanently to fiberglass; not vice versa. Unfortunately epoxy sticks to the most expensive silicone rubber mold as well and may destroy the fine detail in one pour thus rendering a valuable silicone mold worthless. Dixon Studios has developed an advanced and nontoxic mold release that protects the mold as well as impart a 'frosty' finish to the casting. This microscopic texture, cast on the surface, allows for excellent adhesion of paint to the Poxy-porcelain� substrate. Our degreasing agent used prior to painting converts the release agent into a water soluble and biodegradable by product that never was toxic! Even our solvents used for epoxy cleanup are commonly sold at pharmacies as an antiseptic!

cold-cast Bronze and Pewtercold-cast Glass crystal
Custom 'Pewter', 'Bronze' and 'Glass' specialty finish effects achieved with resin!

"Cast-stone" is a proprietary formula of high strength and nontoxic blend of artist's materials suitable for interior use and limited outdoor exposure. The mixture of Portland cement, marble, gypsum and bonding agents create a durable, dense, stone-like material with superior properties to ordinary casting plasters. Again there are delays in casting that affect production time. The portland, bonding agent (added for resiliency) and the mineral fillers (added for strength and scratch resistance) cause delays in cure times, handling, and ultimately finishing. A minimum of 3 days drying time is required before any finishing is even an option and 30 days to achieve optimum shipping strength. This added curing time is very beneficial to the ultimate strength of the fully cured stone.

Cast Stone must first dry 3-7 days.
DOLPHIN, WOLF, TURTLE, GATOR and more wildlife...
Cast Stone must dry-cure for 3-30days

"Cement-stone" is a proprietary formula of high strength blend of artist's materials suitable for exterior usage. Frequently used in our statuary and architectural elements. Its cost is much less than our Poxy-porcelain� but must be cast solid. Thus weighing about 4 times more with added shipping weight and crate. Steel reinforcement may be used on larger architectural pieces and complex statuary. Takes 24 hours before de-molding and 30 days for optimal ship strength. Finished surfaces should be re-sealed as needed; about every 3 years.

"Hand painting" is meticulously applied to each sculpture with attention to the finest details. Modern acrylics are a preferred paint medium for their proven durability and nontoxic nature. Every method and medium necessary are used to finish each item to the highest degree of perfection possible. Oil paint is especially suited for soft blends and staining. Enamels are excellent for trim and base moldings. Specialty coatings are also used, depending on the particular desired finish ( pearl, metallic, dye). Clear coat is used where ever an added protection and finish is desired after base coating. The use of painting templates, paint baths and 'dry-brush' technique allow hand painting without spraying. We have the experienced techniques to create a variety of custom paintings and specialty finishes.
The ultimate detailed realism and natural beauty of Chris Dixon finishes are especially pleasing; just like a fine painting wrapped around each sculpture!

Hummer'  18x24 painting
humlow'Hummer' 18 x 24 acrylic paintinghumhigh

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