About the artist:

Mr. James Douglas 'J.D.' Hay

J. D. Hay
(1943 - 2001)

"J.D. Hay is my good friend and mentor who has truly changed my destiny. Chris Dixon Studios is both privileged and proud to continue some work of my highly respected colleague.

J.D.'s master work is evident in his museum quality reproductions of wildlife at Blue Cypress Lake where he last resided. J.D. also developed the master molds and casting techniques for these wildlife 'treasures'. His Passion for inventive creativity using skilled technique allowed J.D. to master varied disciplines: fishing, scuba, taxidermy, theater light, etc. He became a specialist at whatever he endeavored.

This blending of art and science allowed J.D. to teach me the impossible in creating museum reproductions from Spanish treasure galleons together. That continued persuit of knowledged accomplishments in fair, creative and skilled ways is the torch that lights the path for many truly good souls."
                       ~ Chris Dixon

Best darn bluegill and shiners on the planet!
Made in USA
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