Wildlife Art Gallery Item, Giant 5-6 inch Fossil Shark Tooth Megalodon replica by Chris Dixon

Fossil Shark Tooth Carcharodon Megalodon replica

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Fossil Shark Tooth replica sculpture 5.5 × 4 inches
( Specify color of each tooth purchased. Colors will vary naturally )
Shark teeth colors available are: White, Black, Gray, and Brown.

Carcharodon megalodon, extinct great white shark is a big name for a large shark. Our rare 5.5 inch shark tooth, from an over 50 foot ancient fossil shark fish! Each shark tooth is a unique replica molded from an original shark tooth. Shark teeth color may vary, just like an original fossil tooth of natural history. Makes a great educational & unique gift to start or add to any quality collection. Collect this museum quality fossil great white shark tooth reproduction for a fraction of the cost of an original shark tooth of this quality.

•The artwork is cast with hand painting to a very natural look.
•Museum quality reproduction with artist copyright.
rotatbltPlease tour ChrisDixonStudios .Com for more information.
•"Cast Stone", a unique artist's blend of durable, high strength and nontoxic artists' materials. The cast stone makes a very realistic fossil, inside and out.
•World wide collectable artist with over 30 years of professional sculpting experience producing fine details and quality of craftsmanship; made in U S A.

Chris Dixon--P.O.Box380173--Murdock,FL33948--Ph/Fx888-700-8528

Price List Prices!
Made in U S A .
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