Wildlife artist Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon

About the artist:
Chris Dixon moved to southwest Florida from Maryland's eastern shore after graduating from Washington College. Gaining knowledge and appreciation of native wildlife and habitat is important to Chris. His work reflects this love in finely detailed, award winning wildlife sculptures and paintings. Chris Dixon's original fine art can be found in collections internationally throughout the world.

Using experience of creating museum reproductions from Spanish treasure galleons; Chris also develops the master molds and casting techniques for these wildlife painting and sculpture 'treasures'.

Each sculpture is handmade of the finest quality artist's materials and craftsmanship of finish, for durability and lasting value. They are hand-painted with attention to exquisite detail. This series of Chris Dixon sculpture and painting mold his years of artwork, academic training and commitment to life of the natural environment into a promising and rewarding opportunity for both the connoisseur and collector. Resume

...of all the worlds treasures, love of all life is the most precious

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Treasure Chest: Museum Reproductions

Made in USA
South West Florida
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