New ItemAwesome Super realistic Life-size Penguins!

Emperor Penguins 48 inches {Adult} and 27 inches tall {chick}.
Magellanic Penguins and chicks too!
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World Class Art by earth1clr Peter J. Cull Fish Sculptures

Artist Fish Woodcarvings Gallery

Hand carved wooden fish sculptures by renowned fisherman and artist Peter J. Cull. Quality woodcarvings with hand painting use many years of professional sculpting and painting experience in fine art details and quality craftsmanship. Patterns are researched from live fish specimens for accuracy. The color shadings will vary just like nature's fish in the water vary on season and regional habitat. Original artwork made-to-order!
Mix-n-match to create your own sea life scenic mural
Prices listed are for Single fish each. Schools may include any combination of single double and triple groups.

Be sure to catch many fishes in Peter Cull's Photo gallery to net your fishing interest!

  • Cedar, cypress and natural woods, are hand carved by the artist
  • Available facing Left or Right; Natural wood or Custom Painted
  • Indoor-outdoor use, light weight and mountable on any surface
  • made in USA
Chris Dixon Studios--P.O.Box380173--Murdock,FL33948--Ph/Fx888-700-8528
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