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New ItemVictory, Soaring Eagle 27 x 11 x 7 in.
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Artist's Galleries at Chris Dixon Studios

Welcome to our American Artist's Gallery showcase exhibits of Fine Art, Antiques, Artist Editions and Gifts since 1976.
Enjoy this catalogue of unique and original designs of fine artwork editions with hand painting by the artists.

A unique collection of fine artist sculptures, paintings and antique replica editions. We provide an opportunity for art connoisseurs and collectors to appreciate our artworks and purchase for gifts and decor. These carefully chosen American artists selections are of lasting value and quality for heirloom & legacy collections. Custom artworks and specialty finishes available for select artworks.
Please read any unique product order terms that may be with each gallery or item.
Enjoy the galleries!
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Full Life Size Blue Heron or Crane
Artist Gallery
Custom made statues New!
Monumental sculptures
1.3a lifesize brown pelican!
Awesome Life-size
Brown Pelican
& White Pelicans
2.5 large manatee and baby!
Caribbean Manatee
and calf with fishes
10.1 sea otters
California Sea Otters
3.1 loggerhead sea turtle
Sea Turtle
3.3sea turtle nest
Green Sea
Turtle Hatchlings Nest
4.1 Free Spirit III, Dolphin Family
Free Spirit III Dolphin
family sculpture edition
5.1 florida panther & cubs
Florida Panther, endangered
7.1a polar bear hugs
Polar Bear hugs
6.1a howling timber wolves
Timber Wolves
8.1 bald eagle with bass
Bald Eagle
with bass
13.1 lifesize cockatiel
life-size bird
18.1 trumpeter swan, cygnet
Cygneture - Trumpeter Swans
17.1 great white shark
Great White shark fish
Diamond back Rattlesnake !
4 ft alligator
4 foot Alligator reptile sculptures
Emperor penguin and chicks
Emperor penguin and chick sculptures
picturesDixon Photo Album
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We are proud to present an opportunity for you to own an entire collection of quality waterbird artworks by talented artists. Skills include a mastery of both sculpting and painting.

Waterbird statues are internationally collected with the appeal that these fabulous waterbird's do.

lg blue herons
Custom editions of herons, egrets, sandhill cranes, spoonbill, ibis & more! Ibis
snowy egret custom
Small Egret Herons

Heron spoonbill custom
29 in spoonbill, heron, ibis..
lifesize great blue herons
, birds!
lifesize brown pelican
Life size big game animals! Great for display at zoos museums, restaurants and distinctive homes. Durable hand layed up poly-resin painted for indoor/outdoor use. Can be custom finished and mounted. made to order in USA.
Great White Shark 8 ft, Pool Shark
Great White Shark 8 ft, Pool Shark
8 ft American alligators
6 foot Alligator
Gorilla Lifesize
Gorilla Lifesize
Original hand carved wooden fish sculptures by renowned fisherman and artist Peter J. Cull. Quality original woodcarvings with hand painting. Patterns are researched from live fish specimens!
Pompano School Florida pompano school woodcarving

• Carved Wooden Fish
Schools Gallery
Bone Fish
Grand Slam: Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish
Grand slam: Tarpon, Redfish, Snook
 antiquechair1ANTIQUES GALLERY: Fine Quality antique replicas. Custom furniture! • Prices $
Quality American Antique

..furniture, architectural!
Featuring a select collection of American Antique Furniture replicas. A unique collection of home furnishings, artworks and antique editions.
chippendale_secretarial_desk_overall_open100 chippendale_dishtop_candlestand_maple100 queen_anne_tray_top_tea_table_open100
Bombay Tea Caddy / Jewelry Chest

Apple Tea Caddy

& Pear Tea Caddy
Fretwork Mirror

New England
Chest on Frame
Chippendale Slant Top Desk
Fine Art Originals: paintings PAINTINGS Gallery Prints & PostersPopular Art Prints
'Frog Rain'
'Pelican Beach'

Hummer'  18x24 painting

'Caribbean Dream'
AFD Gallery products
Spectacular Sampling of A very wide variety of quality worldwide imported products.
If it is not listed here we may be able to special order or Create it!
ShipModel Wooden Ship Models Prices $
Bird Gallerys
Decoy Ducks photo gallery home
Furnishings gallery home

Please read any unique terms for these special ordered items.
Animals gallery home

Ship Replicas
Tall ships Gallery
Monumental statues, museum quality, custom sculptures
Monumental statues, museum quality, custom sculptures
Electric blackboard display sign
•Light-up Picture SIGNAGE
Write-on wipe-off!

Museum Reproductions!
Museum Quality
Water Moccasin
..coming soon
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