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Peter J. Cull is a wood sculptor with the extraordinary ability to conjure up the spirit of a creature from a gnarly piece of wood. It may be a bird of beauty, a dragon with two heads, a graceful sea turtle or any number of wood creeps .

Living along the Gulf Coast of Florida, Peter has discovered buttonwood, which is a subspecies of white mangrove. This unique tree grows along coastal rivers and estuaries. Buttonwood is collected when it is dead and weathered. This skilled artist studies the natural driftwood shapes until an image materializes. The newly created wood creep is then finished with tung oil.

Realistic carvings are made of tupelo gum. Finely detailed carving is painted with washes to avoid filling in the details.

Pete's latest series of original fish schools are swimming in collections throughout the world.

"My woodcarving and sculpture are closely tied to the environment in which I live, wetlands along Florida's Gulf Coast. Imaginative works are made from Buttonwood and other native hardwoods found on the islands. Birds of prey, fish, and wading birds are the subjects for more detailed carvings realistically rendered in wood, and then painted ... My training in zoology and ornithology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (1970-74) makes me aware of naturalistic forms, details, and settings."

Exhibitions: This artist has participated in numerous exhibits and one-man showings. Please check here for the artist's show schedule.

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