Florida Pompano Fish Sculptures

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Pete Cull Florida Pompano  School

Peter Cull Florida Pompano School (9" x 15" each fish)

A school of Florida Pompano swim across the entire wall in these original hand carved wooden carvings by Peter J. Cull. The beauty of these unique fish schools is such that they can be arranged to fit your decor as needed. Each school of fish comes with the artist's own assortment of smaller groups: Quad 4 lea. (11 x 29), Triple 3 ea. (11 x 28), Double (9 x 19) and single fish. Pompano fishes are available in schools of 13 or 26.

•The artwork is original with hand painting to a very natural look.
Brand new from the artist with signature and copyright
blinkPlease tour Chris Dixon Studios .Com for more information.
•"Cedar and cypress" woods, are hand carved by the artist.
Indoor / outdoor, light weight and mountable on any wall - Absolutely Beautiful
•World wide collected artist Peter J. Cull, with many years of professional sculpting and painting experience producing fine art details and quality of craftsmanship;
made in USA.
...Thank You for your patronage.

Chris Dixon--P.O.Box380173--Murdock,FL33948--Ph/Fx888-700-8528
•Florida residents must include sales tax.

School of 26 Pompano fish $1466 + 330 shipping
School of 13 Pompano fish $800 + 180 shipping
Single Pompano fish
$66.00 + 15.00shipping
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'Florida Pompano School' original wood carvings sculptures by Peter J. Cull
( 9 x 15 inches each fish) 13 or 26 fish = $1466 or $800 + shipping/handling.
Prices and availability subject to change
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Florida Pompano trout_md_wht

A hard fighting game fish highly sought after by sportsmen. The name of the Pompano fish comes from the Spanish word "pompano" meaning 'grape leaf' referring to its shape. Silvery gray color with yellow on throat, pelvic and anal fins. Pompano are usually 1-3 pounds with a Florida record of 8 lbs 1 oz.
Found in Florida and the Gulf of Mexico along sandy beaches, oyster bars, in passes often in turbid water, inshore and estuaries. Pompano feed upon mollusks, crustaceans and especially sand fleas. While the Florida Pompano is a non-migratory fish its local movements are influenced by tides and seasonally by temperature. The Florida Pompano is considered by many to be the best tasting fish available. | Florida Pompano |
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