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World Class Art by earth1clr Peter J. Cull Fish Sculptures


Artist Fish Woodcarvings Gallery 5

Hand carved wooden fish sculptures by renowned fisherman and artist Peter J. Cull. Quality woodcarvings with hand painting use many years of professional sculpting and painting experience in fine art details and quality craftsmanship. Patterns are researched from live fish specimens for accuracy. The color shadings will vary just like nature's fish in the water vary on season and regional habitat. Original artwork made-to-order!
Mix-n-match to create your own sea life scenic mural
Prices listed are for Single fish each. Schools may include any combination of single double and triple groups.

Be sure to catch many fishes in Peter Cull's Photo gallery to net your fishing interest!

  • Cedar, cypress and natural woods, are hand carved by the artist
  • Available facing Left or Right; Natural wood or Custom Painted
  • Indoor-outdoor use, light weight and mountable on any surface
  • made in USA
When purchasing, Please apply our order terms and any unique terms of this gallery.
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Mullet Fish
Mullet Fish: Mullet, 18 x 7 Black Mullet school | Striped Mullet: PC-0-Mullet :
$64 + $14.2 ship
Parrot fish
Parrot fish : Parrot fish, 20 x 10: PC-R-Parrot :
$113.3 + $26.8 ship
Permit: Permit, 30 x 15 shown available as grand slam tarpon, permit and bonefish. : PC-G-Permit:
$120.5 + $26.8 ship
Pork Fish: Pork Fish 23 X 10: PC-G-Pork Fi:
$113.3 + $26.8 ship
Pompano: Pompano, 15 x 9
Florida Pompano school example

| Florida Pompano : PC-G-Pompano:
$70.4 + $15.8 ship
Rainbow Trout: Rainbow Trout, 25 x 8
| Rainbow Trout : PC-G-Rainbow:
$85.3 + $18.9 ship
Red Drum redfish
Red Drum redfish: Red Drum or Redfish, 22 x 8
| Red Drum | Acadian Redfish | Black Drum : PC-G -Red Dru:
$91.7 + $20.5 ship
Rooster Fish: Rooster Fish, 26 x 14 : PC-G-Rooster:
$106.7 + $23.6 ship
Sailfish: Sailfish, 64 x 17 custom order
| Sailfish: PC-G-Sailfis:
$426.7 + $94.5 ship
Sand Bream
Sand Bream: Sand Bream, 12 x 7 sand perch or mojarrra wooden fish carvings: PC-0-Sand Br:
$64 + $14.2 ship
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  • Most woodcarved fish can be custom made, Facing Left or Right
  • Available painted or Natural wood
  • Many Fish species have various sizes Available!
  • Can be custom painted or arranged to order
  • Unique to decorate both home and busines; indoor-outdoor.
  • Ask how we may custom make a your favorite fish carving today!

  • Fish prints are great for our custom tile murals

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