Repair and Maintenance of Your Artworks*

*Use this advice as general guidelines at your own risk.
Suggested tips and materials for each listing are listed in order of quality & effectiveness, as well as order of operation.
Contact us for any questions or to have a skilled artisan provide advanced statue repairs. tools
Use a professional art restorer for critical repairs. Here is some Art Appraiser info.

  1. Grass Flower Accents ' Water birds' ~ group into bundles and poke into pre-drilled 3/16" holes of the base (Look closely!).
  2. Stand back and size up the look (negative space .. more in back ..brush away from the eyes, etc).
  3. Cut bundle off at bottom (only if necessary)
  4. If loose, push some shorter piece around bundle to wedge them in place.
    Remember, some reeds in front of bird is totally natural, just stand back to see that it blends into the overall sculpture, enjoy!

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