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The purpose is to promote and sell your artwork on a commission basis.

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------------------------  Features include: ------------------------------
*Upload: one complete item at a time, or several at once.
Photos: Sort, create Thumbnails, flip, rotate, resize, High-lite to feature on main page..
Descriptions: complete control of all photos and albums name, title, captions, etc. 
*Albums: full control over creating, modifying, deleting, sort..
Properties: appearance of your gallery layout, displays, colors, sizes, shapes..
Sub-Albums: can nest several separate  galleries within your main gallery album.
Slide show: yes, if you want to really use up my server bandwidth.
Guest book: comments for each item and the power to delete!   
Counters: for each album and each picture. 
Keywords: available for each photo, used in the main gallery window search box. 
Passwords: you can change your password Preferences at anytime.
*Permissions: for who can view, modify your galleries, many options. 
And most of all your customers may use our secure add-to-cart pages to purchase online any artwork you have priced.
*The right to modify or delete anything is solely at our administrator's discretion.

For exclusive artworks, Login as "guest" password "test" for private album viewing only available to those logged in. Supported file types available to the album are: ( jpg, jpeg, gif, png, avi, mpg, mpeg, wmv, mov, swf, mp4 )

Feature new, unique products, supplement existing web pages ..all at no cost to build these free member album web pages! This is a good way to start marketing your products in our network, just contact us for any questions.

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