Hummer original artist painting

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Frog Rain, artist original painting

"Hummer" by Chris Dixon
acrylic on canvas 18 � 24 inches tall

A ruby throated hummingbird goes for some sweet nectar from a trumpet vine. Rays of sunlight form golden shafts of light in the dark pine woods. Natural beauty and rays of hope can be found in even the darkest of woods.

•The artwork is hand painted to a very natural look.
Original painting with artist signature and copyright.
art gallery toursPlease tour Chris Dixon Studios .Com for more information.
•"Acrylic on canvas", state of the art and nontoxic artist materials.
Simple frame included - Absolutely Beautiful.
•World wide collectable artist with 24 years of professional painting and sculpting experience producing fine details and quality of craftsmanship; made in USA.
...Thank You for your patronage.

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'Hummer', original acrylic painting (18x 24 inches tall) = $350 + $65 shipping/handling.
prices and availability subject to change
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