Pelican Beach original artist painting

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Pelican Beach

"Pelican Beach" by Chris Dixon
acrylic on canvas 40 � 30 inches tall

Pelicans fly by their beach. A sailboat sails in the water by the sunset or sunrise. Sea oats and a palmetto grow along the pristine shoreline. Florida's state bird, the mockingbird jumps off the prickly pear cactus to a fence post. The fence post shows a no trespassing sign because this is pelican beach!

•The artwork is hand painted to a very natural look.
Original painting with artist signature and copyright.
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•"Acrylic on canvas", state of the art and nontoxic artist materials.
Simple frame included - Absolutely Beautiful.
•World wide collectable artist with 24 years of professional painting and sculpting experience producing fine details and quality of craftsmanship; made in USA.
...Thank You for your patronage.

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Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis)

Brown pelicans are the smallest members of the pelican family at 42 to 54 inches long, weighing 8 - 10 pounds, and with a 6 1/2- to 7 1/2-foot wingspan. In March and April two or three white eggs are laid (hatching approximately 30 days) with first flight in 75 days. Late winter adult pelicans sport the white head breeding plumage. Summer molts result in all pelicans having the all-brown feathers of juvenile birds. The brown pelican skydives ( from 60 - 70 feet ) after fish for food .
Pelicans have changed little in the last 30 million years. After DDT was banned (1972) the Eastern brown pelican began to recover and by 1985 the bird was not endangered in the Atlantic, Florida and Alabama part of it's range. However, the brown pelican remains on the federal endangered species list in the Pacific Coast portion of its range, and in Central and South America. The prospects for these friendly 'fishermen of the sea' should continue to improve as long as there are shorelines for undisturbed shorebird breeding colonies and uncontaminated fish to dive after in the sea.

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White Pelican flyby...
"A wonderful bird is the pelican, his bill can hold more than his belly can...." limerick by Dixon Lanier Merritt
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