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About Model Ships
Letter from the owner craftsman:

The industry leader in authentic, high-quality, tall model ships owner

Model ship building has been my lifelong hobby. Over the past 40 years, I have built a wide variety of model ships and consider myself an expert tall ship historian. My dream was to share my passion for model ships with the world. After I retired as an Information Technology Consultant in the private and public sectors, I began to realize my passion by offering a variety of high-quality model ships for sale.

With the help of my son, I continued to grow the business, and in 1998, we launched to the internet. At first, we offered only a few famous tall sailing ships and have grown to offer a wide variety from various periods of history. Our growth is attributed to our valued customers. Our combination of high-quality authentic models, attractive prices, and customer service are the reasons we are the industry leader. We are proof positive that a model can be affordable AND historically accurate. Through feedback from experts, historians and you, our customer, we continue to improve and expand our model ships.

My goal is to bring class, beauty, and elegance to your home or office through our model ships. I hope that with a model ship in your life, you will capture some of the passion that I have for these beautiful vessels.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and thank you for your business.

Additional questions? Contact Us or Call us at (888) 700-8528
*Chris Dixon Studios is an officially Authorized Model Ship Dealer*

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