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LL-Waterfowl Decoy Information

Experience, a strong attention to detail, patience, and a lot of time is required to build these artwork editions. Here is some information about how they are made and who creates them:


A truly American art form is the Waterfowl Decoy. Native American's were the first to create decoys made of reeds and feathers to lure waterfowl into hunting range.

Modern decoys have evolved into a most popular and unique collectable art. The end of market hunting era (early 1900s) heralded in the beginning of the hunter/conservationist with a desire to manage renewal of our waterfowl resources. Many suitable woods for carving and mixed media are used to create modern wildlife replicas. Carving competitions, conservation groups, artisans and collectors all promote an appreciation of both the wildlife and it's artwork.

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All LL-Waterfowl Decoys, Upland Bird Sculptures and Framing Cameos start as original solid Tupelo Gum, Basswood wood and maple carvings by Master Carvers. From each original, a mold is made to hand cast the sculpture. Each sculpture is hand worked to chase any seams or casting blemishes to capture every original detail.

Talented artists hand paint each sculpture using fade resistant acrylic paints, insuring a family heirloom. Glass taxidermy eyes are added to many of the sculptures, then the ultra suede base.

Included Certificate of Authenticity adds to decoys collectibility. The certificate for waterfowl art features the embossed signature of Master Carver Sam Nottleman, the sculpture name, and the limited edition number.

Each sculpture requires hours of hand work by the combined skills of the carver, craftsmen and artists before it is complete. The creation of your artwork is carefully overseen to insure the highest level of quality. We are proud of this attention to detail and hope you will enjoy your new sculpture as much as the artisans have enjoyed creating it for you.

Customer Commitment

We guarantee and stand behind every sculpture we sell. Our goal is to offer you the finest artworks and customer service available today.

Thanks for spending the time to understand these works of art. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any Additional questions: Contact Us or Call (888) 700-8528


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