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Fine artist sculptures, paintings and custom original art galleries of realistic, endangered wildlife, nautical, museum reproductions, limited editions, statues, vintage!

Licensed, Global artworks made in U.S.A. & collected worldwide since 1976.
Advanced materials, prototypes, mold making, state of the art casting, 3D CAD & CAM productions.
Finest materials and craftsmanship.
Artist sculptures with hand painting.
The best of traditional artisans and modern methods.
Keeping the American tradition of affordable quality craftsmanship. Made in the USA.

Gallery of Artworks!

Featuring Quality Artworks
in Appreciation of God's creations.

How Chris Dixon Studios,LLC. May Work For You:

  1. Contact us with your concept or work with our qualified artists to begin to visualize your ideas in 3D and get a ballpark estimate. We offer folders of successful projects and custom commissions.
  2. When you are ready to proceed a detailed cost quote will be invoiced requiring a deposit to start. Our testimonials and 100% successful completion since 1976 speak volumes about respect and quality!
  3. Your own custom and private progress Gallery will enable direct appraisal and feedback at anytime. Upon achievement of a few milestone steps, your satisfaction and approval will be necessary to proceed. Your satisfaction is always important, even after delivery.

Allow us to Create Your Dreams into Reality!

Antique Replicas

Antique Pear tea caddy, Antique Apple caddy Antique Apple and Pear Tea Caddy replicas
Featured Period Antiques Replicas
Antique Furniture Gallery:
Carved Chippendale Tea Table,
Bombay Tea Caddy

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