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Necklaces of Steling Silver and CZ Jewlery Store

Necklaces of Silver and CZ Jewlery. Featuring a select collection of Silver and CZ Jewlery. Quality is guaranteed to be .925 Sterling Silver or Better! Our cubic zirconia stones are top quality stones with high-shine finishes. Artisan jewelers use a variety of techniques to minimize silver tarnishing and maintain brilliance of cubic zirconia faux diamonds and faux precious stones, so finish may vary.

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Large Horseshoe Necklace
Large Horseshoe Necklace: Large Horseshoe Diamond CZ Necklace.� Horseshoe Pendant measures approx. 1/2" wide x 5/8" Long.� Comes with 18" Chain
[contact for info.] : TSC-SV-PCZ033-Large H:
Sale: $28.62
+ $5.5 ship

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Cz Star Necklace: Sterling Silver 16" Fine Cut Out Cubic Zirconia Necklace.� Star Measures Approx 1" in Diameter.� Nickel Free!
[contact for info.] : TSC-SLV-PCZ089-Cz Star:
Sale: $34.5
+ $5.5 ship

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"O" Circle Of Love Cz Necklace: Sterling Silver Circle of Love "O" Cubic Zirconia Necklace with 16" Adjustable Chain.� Circle Measures Approx. 1/2" in Diameter.
[contact for info.] : TSC-SLV-PCZ122-"O" Cir:
Sale: $23.32
+ $5.5 ship

Go To ShopCart Small Open Heart Necklace
Small Open Heart Necklace: Solid Sterling Silver Floating Open Heart Necklace.� This design is well know and loved - The Look of Tiffany at a fraction of the cost!��Pendent measures approx.� 1/2" in diameter.� 16"�Sterling Silver Box Chain is Included.
[contact for info.] : TSC-925-3-47-94-Small O:
Sale: $15.58
+ $5.5 ship

Go To ShopCart Music Note Necklace
Music Note Necklace: Sterling Silver Music Note Necklace.� Pendant Measures Approx. 1/2" wide x 3/4" Long.�� Comes with 16" Sterling Silver Chain.
[contact for info.] : TSC-PS-CH-1015-Music N:
Sale: $18.62
+ $5.5 ship

Go To ShopCart Triple Circle Cz Necklace
Triple Circle Cz Necklace: Sterling Silver Triple Circle of Love Necklace.� This beautiful�necklace features 3 Circles filled with 1mm perfectly round diamond cz stones.� Circles measure in diameter:� 10mm (top),� 15mm (center), and a large 35mm (1 3/8").�� Total Pendant measures 1 3/8" Wide x approx. 2" Long.�
[contact for info.] : TSC-SV-PCZ345-Triple :
Sale: $38.22
+ $5.5 ship

Go To ShopCart Cz Peace Sign Necklace
Cz Peace Sign Necklace: A Sparkling Sterling Silver Peace Sign Necklace.� Peace sign is filled with approx. 35 perfectly round clear cz stones.� Pendant measures 3/4" wide x 1" Long.� Comes with a 16" Sterling Silver chain.
[contact for info.] : TSC-SV-PCZ-305-Cz Peac:
Sale: $31.75
+ $5.5 ship

Go To ShopCart Galloping Horse Necklace
Galloping Horse Necklace: Sterling Silver Galloping Horse Necklace.� Includes 16" Sterling Silver Box Chain.� Pendant Measures approx. 3/4" in diameter
[contact for info.] : TSC-PCH-2379-Gallopi:
Sale: $25.81
+ $5.5 ship

Go To ShopCart Music G Cleff Cz Necklace
Music G Cleff Cz Necklace: Sterling Silver G Cleff / Music / Band Cubic Zirconia Necklace.��Filled With Approx. 40 Perfectly Round Cubic Zirconia Stones.� G Cleff Measures 12mm Wide x 1 1/4" Long.� 16" Sterling Silver Box Chain Included.
[contact for info.] : TSC-PCH-3022-Music G:
Sale: $43.51
+ $5.5 ship

Go To ShopCart Double Heart Cz Necklace
Double Heart Cz Necklace: Beautiful Sterling Silver�Diamond Cubic Zirconia Double Heart Necklace.� Top Heart Measures 3/4" x 1/2" and Features�12�(1 mm) Round Shape Clear CZ Stones.�� Botton Heart Measures 1" in Diameter and Features Approx. 18 (1mm) Round Clear CZ Stones.��Overall the Pendant Dangles Down Approx. 2".���
[contact for info.] : TSC-SPCZ330-Double :
Sale: $33.52
+ $5.5 ship

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