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Emperor Penguins 48 inches {Adult} and 27 inches tall {chick}.
Magellanic Penguins and chicks too!
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Flowers 2 Crystal Gallery. Featuring a select collection of crystal figurines, paperweights, prisms and sculptures.


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Red Rose With Stand
Red Rose With Stand: Length: 4 3/4 in. Roses, it does not matter if you or that special someone likes red ones, blue ones, yellow or pink. Roses just say LOVE in any color. This beauty is a red and stands on beveled clear base. Comes in a gift box.[contact for info.]
. : CF-1905-SR-Red Ros:
Sale: $25.5
+ $9 ship
Quantity: #REF!
Gift Wrapping
Gift Wrapping: Length: Giftwraps : Gold OR Silver. [contact for info.]
. : CF-gift-3wrap-Gift Wr:
Sale: $3
+ $1 ship
Gift Card
Gift Card: Length: Note cards: Blank, Flower, Heart, Thank You, Birthday and Christmas [contact for info.]
. : CF-gift-1card-Gift Ca:
Sale: $1
+ $1 ship
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