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To deserve the name “lead crystal” the glass must meet 3 criteria defined by rigorous rates and percentages. Below these measures, one can only talk about “crystal glass” or “crystalline”.


Metallic oxides


Refractory index

Full lead crystal 30%

PbO > 30%

> 3.00

> 1.545

Lead crystal 24%

PbO > 24%

> 2.90

> 1.545

Crystal glass, crystalline
(Cristallin in French)

ZnO, BaO
PbO, K2O
Separately or together
> 10%

> 2.45

> 1.520

Crystal glass, crystalline
(resonant glass in French)

BaO, PbO
Separately or together
> 10%

> 2.40


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