"Howling Timber Wolves" wildlife art sculpture

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Howling Timber Wolves   sculpture
Wild sounds wolf howlings

6.1a Howling Timber Wolves
wildlife art sculpture 11 × 7 inches

A wolf and pup show off the technique of howling at the moon. Now available as howling arctic wolves and wolf puppies. You would howl with joy to receive this fine wildlife artwork from southwestern Florida.

•The artwork is cast with hand painting to a very natural look.
Brand new with artist signature, copyright and unique hang on card.
rotatbltPlease tour Chris Dixon Studios .Com for more information.
•"Cast Stone", a unique artist's blend of durable, high strength and nontoxic artists' materials.
This item qualifies for our 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee and Exchange policy.
•World wide collectable artist with over 30 years of professional sculpting experience producing fine details and quality of craftsmanship; made in U S A.
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Chris Dixon--P.O.Box380173--Murdock,FL33948--Ph/Fx888-700-8528

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Made in U S A .
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