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Emperor Penguins 48 inches {Adult} and 27 inches tall {chick}.
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Dixon Bond© - Epoxy Compound Systems Facts

Dixon Bond© - Epoxy Compound Systems: Unique Professional artist materials for sculptors, painters, mold-making and craftsmen. Non-toxic Dixon Bond© - Epoxy clays, coatings, and adhesives are a proven economical quality polymer alternative. Our 3 to 1 mix ratios are a hard cure.

Great . Sculptor  Dixon Bond Epoxy Clay for artists is Made in USA

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Facts Dixon Bond© - Epoxy

Dixon Bond© - Epoxy System usage

Dixon Bond © - Epoxy Sculpting & Carving

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Epoxy Compare Info.
Comparison of some various mix ratios of custom formulations available.
All activators are intermixable with same Base compounds. Good luck in calculating proportions!
Base:Activator Hardness Ratio Tolerances Mix Pot Life @ 75 deg F
hardest most critical more mix least 20 minutes
      40 minutes
Reinforcing>Coating>Clay   ..mix all throughly well! medium, 90 minutes
      120 minutes
Softest Less critical*
*more A = softer/flex;
more cure
*more B = harder/rigid;
slower cure
less mix most, 360 minutes
All data is estimated for comparison purposes.

101 uses >> Home: trim, doors, windows, floors, screws, concrete, stucco, cement.. Car: body, seal, repair.. Antiques: repair.. Office: Industry: Farm: Marine: boats, seal, repair.. Hobby: molding, modeling.. Garden: Pots, trees, tools..