European Bracket-Shelf Clock

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The importance of keeping time dates back to around 250 BC, when water clocks and sundials were used to tell time. Not until 1300 AD, were more (By 1300 AD, more) reliable clocks were developed in Europe. In time, clocks were not only important to accurately tell time, but were also used as necessary ornaments. Bracket clocks, in the 17th and 18th century, were originally designed to stand on a complementary wall bracket.

This reproduction, solid mahogany bracket/shelf clock is accented with maple string inlay and lovely brass accents and runs with a German quartz movement. This stylish time piece is a perfect addition to any room in the house or office. Your unique bracket clock can be displayed on a mantel shelf or table. A perfect addition to the Queen Anne Tilt Top Tea Table, Carved Chippendale tea table or Federal Sideboard/Huntboard.


Unique European Bracket-Shelf Clock Replica
7"W × 4 1/2"D × 12 inches tall, solid mahogany wood

We are pleased to offer an opportunity to own this hand made and hand finished reproduction of a rare and highly collectable 17-18th Century bracket clock.

Custom made-to-order, made in USA.
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"European Bracket-Shelf Clock" furniture accessory 7 × 12 inches tall, = Prices.
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