Carved Chippendale Tea Table

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In colonial America only a few craftsmen were able to create the American Rococo (ornate) style that was popular during the Chippendale period. This form of ornate furniture made between 1750 and 1775 is considered to be a superlative Masterpiece of American craftsmanship.
Candlestand tables and tea tables became popular during the 18th century when the consumption of tea was an afternoon social event. Tea tables with their rotating tops, were ideal for the hostess to pour tea, then rotate the top to serve the guests. When the afternoon tea was finished, this candlestand table could be tilted upright for storage and display, until the next time it was needed. Tea tables were also used as card tables and to talk over the current events. The perfect table to display your Apple, Pear, and Bombay tea caddies!
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Carved Chippendale Tea Table
Overall height of 28 1/2 inches with a 34 inch diameter pie crust tilt top

This rare reproduction mahogany wood tea table, often referred to as a pie crust table, claw table or pillar-and-claw table, has a ten-segment scalloped top. The top rests on an open style bird cage which allows the table top to turn or tilt vertically. A fluted carved pillar leads to a compressed ball which is unique to Philadelphia style tea tables. The ornate carving is also evident on the knee and foot of the cabriolet legs. An authentic original Chippendale carved tea table, similar in form to this, sold in 1999 at Christie's for over 1.5 million. Can be used as a serving table, card table, dining table, display table or placed in its vertical position to display the rococo style carving. Tea table has an overall height of 28 1/2" with a 34" diameter pie crust tilt top. Fine artisan craftsmanship is evident in every detail. Additional photos upon request.

Custom made-to-order, Made in USA.
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Overall height of 28 1/2 inches high × 34 inch diameter top:
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