Bombay Tea Caddy and Jewelry Chest

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Caddy comes from the word Malay "kati", a measure of weight about 3/5 of a kilo. In the 18th century, tea was a very expensive commodity, as valuable as gold! The tea was stored in special containers with locks, to which the mistress of the house held the key. Wooden Tea Caddies were made around the second quarter of the 18th century, they were primarily made of mahogany. These highly valued, wooden, home style accessories were available in numerous styles and shapes of caddys. Some of the highly sought after styles were the fruit shaped (made from fruit wood) and the Bombay shaped containers. Display this tea caddy on your Chippendale and Queen Anne tea tables.

Bombay Tea Caddy and Jewelry Chest
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Bombay Tea Caddy and Jewelry Chest
Measurements in inches: height 6" × width 10" × depth 6 1/4"

We are pleased to offer an opportunity to own this authentic hand made, hand finished, rare, and highly collectable 18th Century tea caddy replica. The Bombay Tea Caddy / Jewelry Chest measures 6" high by 10" wide by 6 1/4" deep. One of the unique qualities of this impressive wooden container is that it is made of solid carved mahogany. This period furniture accessory has heavy brass hinges, key escutcheon and top handle, and a working lock with key.
This Bombay Tea Caddy / Jewelry Chest is offered with three options: a two tray jewelry insert and now as either a single or double tea caddy. Both new styles are foil lined, use a solid brass knob on the lid(s), and the wood of choice is mahogany. The Single has a leaded crystal bowl.

Custom made-to-order, Made in USA.
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The 'Bombay Tea Caddy and Jewelry Chest'
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Hardware detail.

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Double Tea Caddy Price additional.

open tray
Jewelry Tray Insert
Price additional.
Single with Mixing Bowl
Price: additional.

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'Bombay Tea Caddy and Jewelry Chest' hand-finished price, antique furniture accessory replica, 6 high × 10 wide × 6 1/4 inches depth, = Prices. * see above for optional inserts*

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