Wildlife Artist Gallery item, Lifesize Great Blue Heron wildlife art sculpture Limited Edition by Chris Dixon

Great Blue Heron Life-size Wildlife art sculpture

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new"A world class heron Sculpture edition."
Lifesize Great Blue Heron limited edition

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Wild Sounds Heron Squalk

20-1a Life Size Great Blue Heron wildlife art sculpture,
width 24 × depth 17 × 38 inches, Fully lifesized and free-standing over 3 feet tall!

A Super realistic true to life size Great Blue Heron wildlife art sculpture, limited edition. Heron birds are also available custom painted as the lifesize White Heron, Great egret waterbirds, with specialty custom finishes [bronzed, black onyx, Zinc white..].

Our heron is cast by hand of fiber reinforced durable epoxy resin that can be pigmented various colors. Those free-standing bird legs each have ½ inch steel rods bonded with high strength epoxy resin. It is strong enough to even support itself as a half sided pair of herons set for a wall sculpture arrangement! This is as quality engineered as it is beautiful.

This heron or crane sculpture is standing with one foot on the foot-printed pond beach with the other bird foot at the water's edge. Three lilly pads float a frog and an elegant lilly flower. The herons base is an elegant footed and turned look that emulates the S-neck of a heron, crane or egret. This shorebird is suitable for interior or exterior use in the porch or garden; with the wildlife! Makes a great foyer greeting sculpture. Folks are saying we have outdone our lifesize pelicans with this one! Truly an amazing heron wildlife bird artist sculpture at any price.

•The artwork is cast with hand painting to a very natural look.
Brand new with artist signature, copyright and unique hang on card.
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•State of the art cast 'Poxy-porcelain�', a unique proprietary compound of high strength, durable and nontoxic artists' materials.
•Indoor - outdoor, light weight and scratch resistant - Absolutely Beautiful.
This item qualifies for our 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee and Exchange policy.
•World wide collectable artist with over 30 years of professional sculpting experience producing fine details and quality of craftsmanship; made in U S A.
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Chris Dixon--P.O.Box380173--Murdock,FL33948--Ph/Fx888-700-8528

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Made in U S A .
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