Affiliate Sales Terms:

  1. Contact us to be pre-qualified. Then register as a sales affiliate. Include the website address you will be posting our information.
  2. Approved sales affiliates receive a Sales ID. Your Sales ID it may be the domain name of your web site.
    • Add "?YourSalesID" to the end of your link to any qualified gallery!
    • Copy newest version of The Gallery Browser Page on your site for visitors to easily browse qualified affiliate sales galleries with your Sales ID!
  3. Qualified Sales are:
  4. Payments when completed.
    • Your account is credited for qualified sales completed, usually 45 days after ship date. (allows for ship time and 30 day returns, etc. International sales and exchanges may be longer to complete)
    • A check is mailed when your account is over $25.
  5. Increase your sales. We are pleased to help with your mutual sales efforts.
  6. General Sales commission rates for eligible items are listed here.
    • Even more may be available for select gallery items or volumes.
    • Sales rates are not in combination with any other discounts or sales.
    • In the event of any problems or changes, Chris Dixon Studios reserves the sole right to adjust, suspend, or otherwise refuse any sale or related commission at any time.
  7. Be sure to apply our general order terms and any unique terms in each gallery or item.
    • By participating in our affiliate sales program, You agree to remain independent of any agent, nexus, employ or business partnership of Chris Dixon or Chris Dixon Studios. ..with no liabilities etc, as further outlined in our general order terms.
    • You agree to keep your presentations within FTC guidelines and in accordance with Can-Spam and Digital Millennium Copyright Acts.
    • Upon notice of termination of your sales affiliation you agree to return or destroy and cease use of any related materials, files and copyrighted materials.
    • All materials and information is copyright Chris Dixon Studios and respective owners with all rights reserved.

To directly interface with our Gallery: Just use a copy of The Gallery Browser Page from your site.
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All rights reserved.