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Ladies Rings of Steling Silver and CZ Jewlery 2~ Shopcart

Ladies Rings of Silver and CZ Jewlery 2 . The Silver Chest featues a select collection of Silver and CZ Jewlery. Quality is guaranteed to be .925 Sterling Silver or Better! Our cubic zirconia stones are top quality stones with high-shine finishes. Artisan jewelers use a variety of techniques to minimize silver tarnishing and maintain brilliance of cubic zirconia faux diamonds and faux precious stones, so finish may vary.

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Ladies Rings Gallery
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Garnet & Cz Ring
Garnet & Cz Ring: Sterling Silver 1.00 Ct. Garnet & Diamond CZ Ring.� It features 1 Stunning Garnet Emerald Stone�(7mm x 5mm) in the Center and on each side a Perfect Round Brilliant (3mm) Diamond CZ Stone.���6.60 Grams
[contact for info.] : Available Sizes [5,6,7]: TSC-ALM-9A920-Garnet :
Sale: $11.47
+ $5.5 ship
Quantity: Size:
Diamond Cz Anniversary Ring
Diamond Cz Anniversary Ring: Sterling Silver Diamond CZ Anniversary Ring.� Features 5 Brilliant Round Diamond CZ.� Center Stone (4mm), on each side 3mm, and on the outside the CZ's measure 2mm.� High Polished.�� Weight:� 5.40 gm
[contact for info.] : Available Sizes [6,7,8]: TSC-ALM-C9D922-Diamond:
Sale: $11.27
+ $5.5 ship
Quantity: Size:
Pear Shaped Sapphire Ring
Pear Shaped Sapphire Ring: Sterling Silver 925 Pear Shaped Sapphire / Montana Blue Ring.��Features a Stunning Pear Shaped Blue CZ that measures 6mm x 10mm (1.75 Ct).�� On each side of the Pear there are 3 Marquise Shaped Clear CZ's that measure 1mm x 4mm.��Width is 10mm.���High�Polished.� Weight:� 6.10gm��
[contact for info.] : Available Sizes [7]: TSC-ALM-30806-Pear Sh:
Sale: $15.19
+ $5.5 ship
Quantity: Size:
2 Toned Pink Ice / Rose Cz
2 Toned Pink Ice / Rose Cz: Sterling Silver Pink Ice / Rose CZ Ring.� Features a 6mm x 6mm Square Shaped Pink Cubic Zirconia in a 2 tone prong.� Also has 8 2mm x 1mm Clear Square CZ's on the band.��Fine Polished.� 5.30 gm
[contact for info.] : Available Sizes [6,7,8]: TSC-ALM-34104-2 Toned:
Sale: $18.66
+ $5.5 ship
Quantity: Size:
Oval Emerald / Peridot Cz Ring
Oval Emerald / Peridot Cz Ring: Sterling Silver Oval Peridot CZ Ring.� Features a Stunning and Large (10mm x 13mm) 5 Ct Emerald CZ on a band filled with�20 perfectly round clear CZ's.� Fine Polished.� 8.30 gm.� Stone is actually a darker green than picture
[contact for info.] : Available Sizes [6,7,8]: TSC-A49514-Oval Em:
Sale: $18.8
+ $5.5 ship
Quantity: Size:
5 Ct. Garnet Cz Ring
5 Ct. Garnet Cz Ring: Sterling Silver Garnet CZ�Ring comes with�a 15mm x 11mm Emerald Cut�CZ Stone.� Over 5 Carats!� Stunning!!� Finely Polished.� 10.70 gm.
[contact for info.] : Available Sizes [7,8]: TSC-A23803-5 Ct. G:
Sale: $19.5
+ $5.5 ship
Quantity: Size:
Sapphire Solitaire Cz Ring
Sapphire Solitaire Cz Ring: Sterling Silver Sapphire/ Blue CZ Solitaire Ring that features a 9mm x 9mm (2.50 Ct) Square Blue CZ.� Highly Polished.� Prong Set.� Height above finger is 7mm.�� 5.50 gm.�
[contact for info.] : Available Sizes [7,8]: TSC-A413101-Sapphir:
Sale: $14.7
+ $5.5 ship
Quantity: Size:
Infinite / Eternity Clear Cz Band
Infinite / Eternity Clear Cz Band: Sterling Silver Eternity Ring.� Ring is 4.5mm wide and features approx.� 20 perfectly round 2mm Clear (Diamond) CZ's.�
[contact for info.] : Available Sizes [7,8]: TSC-SGRW415-Infinit:
Sale: $25.87
+ $5.5 ship
Quantity: Size:
Amethyst Cz Marquise Ring
Amethyst Cz Marquise Ring: Sterling Silver Amethyst CZ Marquise Ring.� Features a stunning, large, 5mm x 10mm Amethyst Marquise Cz with 5mm perfectly round Clear Cz's on each side.� Fine Polished.� 5.10 gm.
[contact for info.] : Available Sizes [7]: TSC-A34402-Amethys:
Sale: $13.13
+ $5.5 ship
Quantity: Size:
Emerald Cut Diamond Cz Ring
Emerald Cut Diamond Cz Ring: This Beautiful Sterling Silver Ring Features a 8mm x 6mm (1.50 Ct) Emerald / Princess Cut Diamond CZ Stone with 6 Perfectly Round 1.5mm Diamond CZ's on the Band ( 3 on each side).� Fine Polished.� Weight:� 5.40 gm.
[contact for info.] : Available Sizes [6,7,8]: TSC-AC05006-Emerald:
Sale: $17.15
+ $5.5 ship
Quantity: Size:
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