big-wrestler-gator SUPPORT model
Structure support [estimated].
* Internal pipe frame: Pipe: 1-1/2 inch [aluminum schedule 40, schedule 80 below hip] .
* Additional sub-surface support: steel rebar with 1/2 inch stainless steel all-thread to all external connections. Sub-surface support will be coated and embedded into surface epoxy matrix.

Statue's overall length is 19 feet diagonally from wrestler's left heel to tip of alligators tail! Approximately 8 feet wide.

Center of [blue] 1+1/2 inch pipe schedule 80 (measures 1+7/8" outer diameter) measures 42 inches diagonally between feet and down into ground about 24 inches each. NOTE: does NOT enter into ground at a perfect 90 degrees.

1/2 inch stainless steel all-thread [green] extends 5 to 6 inches into ground in various areas for support.
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