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Unique Custom Project Commissions
Contact Chris Dixon Studios to see your project dreams into reality.

Our artistic prototype and mold-making capabilities can successfully create limited editions for cost estimates of exotic materials, artistic presentations, awards and original prototypes. We provide the missing link with talent!
This unusual degree of craftsmanship is available at very reasonable costs that maintain lasting value. Be sure to see these unique custom foam and epoxy sculptures.
Experience and attention to quality of detail is evident in this small sample of successful projects.

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Blue dip for Microsoft Channel 9 Guy 5 foot promotion
Channel 9 Guy! Two 5 foot tall custom commissions for Microsoft's news network Artist Gallery BlueDip 2Dcopyright_chris_dixon_studios_thumb Artist Gallery Microsoft-Channel-9-Guy  
Mel Fisher Spanish Treasure Replicas • Museum Quality molding practices
Atocha and Santa Margarita Spanish Galleons as well as the 1715 Shipwreck Sailing Fleet
Treasure Map
Artist Gallery Treasures
Emerald Cross
Artist Gallery Treasures
Museum Quality Treasure reproductions. 17th century Spanish treasure and more using a variety of media: gold, platinum, silver, emeralds, porcelain, Plated resin.
Artist Gallery Mel-Fischer-Treasures
Treasure Chest
Artist Gallery Treasures
True to form Antique Furniture Replicas • early american
Quality replicas for leading furniture makers
Custom true to form museum quality American period furniture replicas
Newport Ball-in-claw Leg
Artist Gallery furniture-custom
Antique Furniture Reproductions
Artist Gallery furniture-custom
Custom Furniture prototypes
Artist Gallery Traditional-Enterprises-Furnitures
Philadelphia Ball-in-claw leg
Artist Gallery furniture-custom
Models & Miniatures • custom creations
Models and miniatures
Container Ship
Artist Gallery Container Ship custom
Medical Models
Hands Custom in. : Writer, artist, doctor, surgeon, mechanic,..
Miniature Wildlife
Artist Gallery Miniature Wildlife custom
SOS Model Ship Water
Model ship water Custom Art Gallery
Custom Architectural Ornamentation Architecture Larger scale •Zoos, Museums Business & Patrons
Custom Artworks County Seal
Custom Art Gallery
Monumental Statues: 6 foot pelicans for commercial shopping mall, Gulf Shores Alabama
Monumental artworks wildlife, people, architecture..
Happy Buddha Laughing
Custom Art Gallery
Custom Architectural Elements
Artist Gallery architectural ornamentations
Bush Center Porcelains: George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum
Custom Art Gallery
Bush Center Porcelains: American pitcher
Custom Art Gallery
Custom Artist Commissions • custom made art creations!
Custom artworks..
Big Alligator Wrestler
Artist Gallery architectural-custom
Miccosukee Indians
Wild Waters Theme Park
Custom Art Gallery
Alligator Ambush
Big Bullfrog 5 x 8
Custom Art Gallery
Animal Interaction Zoo
Emperor Penguins
Custom Art Gallery
Public Places • Custom Creations
Museum, Zoos, Theme Parks Awards• custom creations
Alligator Nest
Custom Art Gallery

Polar Bear Paw
Custom Art Gallery
Zoo Signs KDesign

Spider Monkey
Custom Art Gallery
Zoo Signs KDesign
Custom Architectural Elements
Custom Art Gallery
Presentation Awards • Custom Award Presentation Creations
Barracuda Fish veteran award CUDA
Miami-Dade-Fair-BaseCoat-041, Miami Dade Schools - Youth Fair , foam-sculpture-carvings, tradeshows, sculpture, statue, art
Miami-Dade School District, Youth Fair
14.1 alligator head
Alligator Head
life-cast sculpture award

Great white Shell Oil Rig
Artist Gallery Custom Art Displays, Awards 16.1 scrimshaw whale tooth replicas
Scrimshaw Set,
whale teeth replica Awards
American Eagle Bust
in Natural or Bronze-Brass Finishes
2.4 small manatee and baby
Small Manatee
and baby
Corinthian column
Artist Gallery Oldcastle-VIPER-Award
Corolla chapel Pelican
Artist Gallery

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