Chris Dixon Studios Business Card Page Setup Instructions:

  1. Adobe.pdf files just print as an "image" if needed!
  2. View/Text Size = medium (default)
  3. (Internet Explorer) File/Print Preview: Page Setup (Alt + U):
    [(Netscape) select Page Setup in the File menu]
  4. Paper Size = Letter (8.5 x 11) = Standard size business card (2 x 3.5)
  5. Top Margin = .25"
  6. Left , Right Margins =.25"
  7. Bottom Margin = .25 "
  8. Clear Header: example: (&w&bPage &p of &P &u) or (&u&w&d)=
  9. Clear Footer: example: (&u&b&d) or (&u)=
  10. Print page 1 only.. if 2 sided not available: Manually flip side-to-side and feed top-in!

Don't forget to save your current settings here first!

Flip over & reprint hang-on cards

To change printed page looks in Windows / Internet Explorer

On the File menu, click Page Setup.
In the Margins boxes, type the margin measurements in inches.
Under Orientation, click either Portrait or Landscape to specify whether you want the page printed vertically or horizontally.
In the Header and Footer boxes, specify the information to be printed by using the following variables. Variables can be combined with text (for example, Page &p of &P).

To print this Type this
Window title &w
Page address (URL) &u
Date in short format (as Regional Settings in Control Panel) &d
Date in long format (as Regional Settings in Control Panel) &D
Time in the format by Regional Settings in Control Panel &t
Time in 24-hour format &T
Current page number &p
Total number of pages &P
Centered text (following &b) &b
Right-aligned text (following &b&b) &b&b
A single ampersand (&) &&

Note: If you want to set margins in millimeters instead of inches, you must change the Regional Settings in Control Panel.

Copyright © Chris Dixon 1976
All rights reserved.