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"Victory, Soaring Eagle" 27 x 11 x 7 in. made in USA © Chris Dixon 2012
"While creating this eagle statue I was struck by these observations: There are 50 feathers on the wings for our 50 united States. There are 13 tail feathers for our 13 original colonies." CD

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The National Bird of the United States is the American Bald Eagle. Adopted as the National Bird in 1782, the eagle was chosen for it's long life and majestic beauty. The eagle is not afraid of a storm; is strong, and is smart enough to soar above it. True, God loving patriots, soar on such eagles wings. The American Bald Eagle wears no material crown and is subject to no worldly King.

Available in various custom finishes:
Natural Realistic, Faux bronze, Verdigris, Faux Pewter, Custom Faux Marbles..
Our strong Poxyporcelain© is very exterior durable!! • World wide collectable artist, made in USA exclusively by Chris Dixon Studios.
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