New ItemAwesome Super realistic Life-size Penguins!

Emperor Penguins 48 inches {Adult} and 27 inches tall {chick}.
Magellanic Penguins and chicks too!
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Art Supplies: Unique Professional artist supplies, tools and materials for sculptors, paintors, mold-making and craftsmen. Be sure to check out our Dixon Bond © Epoxy clays, coatings, and adhesives. Our Poxyporcelain© is a Dixon Bond © Epoxy system! Checkout these items for examples: Epoxy over Foam statues, wildlife..

Professional Artist Sculptor, Painting Supplies. Create your own masterpieces with these unique art supply products. Great for repairing and maintaining your collection too.
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*Minimum order of $20 or this handling charge will apply.: Please, Add this for All orders less than $20. The office thanks you for understanding. And will add this to orders less than $20 when processed! : Art-Supply--*Minimu:
Sale: $4.28
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1 inch thick Foam sheets
1 inch thick Foam sheets: [Priced per square foot.] White EPS foam, Custom cut to size or shape! Great for packing and shipping, arts and crafts, construction.. Quantity discounts CONTACT:: Art-Supply--1 inch :
Sale: $6.25
+ $1.67 ship
2 inch thick Foam sheets
2 inch thick Foam sheets: Custom cut to size or shape! White EPS foam, Great for packing and shipping, arts and crafts, construction.. Quantity discounts CONTACT:: Art-Supply--2 inch :
Sale: $6.42
+ $1.71 ship
Custom Foam Sizes
Custom Foam Sizes : White EPS foam. Priced per cubic foot, rounded up. Rough-Cut to custom sizes, enter approx size [length, width, height] in order comments or contact for quote.. Cubic feet calculator Greater of actual shipping or quoted must apply!: Art-Supply--Custom :
Sale: $8.52
+ $3.9 ship
Spray Foam
Spray Foam: Good for repair and filler gluing of our white EPS foams.: Art-Supply--Spray F:
$call for price + $call for price: ship
Foam Spray Glue
Foam Spray Glue: 17.5 fl. oz. cans (12 oz. net wt.) Superior to other products we tried! white web spray pattern, quick tacks immediately and provides a seamless bond line. It sets up much faster than water-based adhesive products, providing faster rates of production. will adhere to a wide array of foam surfaces including: polyurethane foam, latex foam, polyethylene foam, EVA foam, closed cell foam, acoustic foam, neoprene foam, memory foam (viscoelastic). is a low VOC Adhesive Spray (54.9%) that is California VOC Compliant and OTC Compliant (Ozone Transport Commission). The maximum VOC limit for web spray adhesives is 55%. For maximum strength spray both surfaces, and Allow a couple hours cure for most strength. Although, it will hold almost immediately! Now you know how to use those chunks of extra foam!!: Art-Supply--Foam Sp:
Sale: $10.8
+ $2.88 ship
USG Hydrocal - Hard White Plaster
USG Hydrocal - Hard White Plaster: 10 lbs. harder plaster. Excellent for tooling..: Art-Supply--USG Hyd:
$call for price + $call for price: ship
CastStone � -almost
CastStone � -almost: 5 pound box. Very similar to our CastStone � in a A Hard Stone dry mix. Just add water, mix and pour! Hard in 15-20 minuets demold in 1-2 hours; paint/finish in 1-3 days.
Tip: add water first; sift stone mix into water until a cone 'island' stays in center; [wet mold while island soaks a few seconds] mix well but add no air; pour while jiggling mold to avoid entrapping air! : Art-Supply--CastSto:
Sale: $15.3
+ $9.08 ship
CastStone � -almost
CastStone � -almost: 10 lb box. Very similar to our CastStone � : Art-Supply--CastSto:
Sale: $18.9
+ $10.04 ship
Admix for cement-plaster
Admix for cement-plaster: dilute 4:1 with water:admix for casting cement. Use full strength for repairs and bonding cement layers: Art-Supply--Admix f:
$call for price + $call for price: ship
Filler spackle
Filler spackle: 1/2 Pint. Acrylic based. Brush into all them bubble holes and minor imperfections before painting! TIP: Top coat with our Filler Primer in paints!: Art-Supply--Filler :
Sale: $12.6
+ $3.36 ship
Filler primer
Filler primer: 1 Quart.A thickened Acrylic, water-based adhesion primer, great for gesso, primer, filler, thin for a primer, tint for a base-coat! Specially formulated for sanded plastics. : Art-Supply--Filler :
Sale: $31.05
+ $8.28 ship
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