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Here is my Lifesize Pelican sculpture printed in February 2015 National Geographic magazine! The President of The United States of America    Check out the
porcelain reproductions we made for the Oval Office
at the beautiful Bush Center: George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum! ENJOY!   The President of The United States of America

Featured Artworks!
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Award winning art since 1976  Artworks Made
in The U.S.A.
Since 1976 trophy

Quality Custom Artist Galleries

American ArtistsFine artist sculptures, paintings and custom original art gallerys of realistic, endangered wildlife, nautical, antiques, museum reproductions, limited editions, statues and more!

Expertise: Licensed, Professional artworks made in U.S.A. & collected worldwide since 1976.

Technical: Advanced materials, prototypes, mold making, state of the art casting, 3D CAD & CAM productions.
Quality: Finest materials and craftsmanship with realistic details.
Craftsmanship: Handmade arts with hand painting. The best of traditional artisans and modern methods.
Affordable Style! Carrying on the American tradition of affordable quality craftsmanship.
Made in the USA.

  • Life-size sculptures:
    beautiful lifesize pelicans
    Brown Pelicans
    White Pelicans

       3D sketches 3D Sketches  3D sketchesnew

    Gallery of Artworks!

    Featuring Quality Artworks
    in Appreciation of God's creations.

     timber wolves, florida panther
    Timber Wolves

    Florida Panther

    Big Happy Buddhas Laughing :
    Happy Buddha Laughing in Dragon Chair, Buddha on Lotus flower for sale custom buddha art statues and artist sculptures
    Buddha on Dragon Chair or Lotus


    mountain lion - grey wolf pup
    Mountain Lion

    Gray Wolf Pup

    Rattlesnake sculpture

    8ft Alligator Statue openhead120
    Lifesize Alligators!

    Game Fish:
    RED DRUM fish
    Red fish Drum
    Mahi Mahi Dolphin

    cockatiel, sanderling birds
    Cockatiel Parrot

    Sanderling Sandpiper

    Featured Artworks!
    Ducks, Songbirds, Game birds
    Monumental Architectural Statues Gallery
    Public Monumental Sculpture

    Big Wildlife Art
    Featured Artworks!

    Artists Welcome!

    CUSTOM MADE Water Birds:
    Small Blue Heron sculpture
    Blue Herons

    Egrets, Ibis, spoonbill, cranes..

    custom herons, egrets and cranes sculptures for sale
    New waterbirds!
    custom herons, egrets and cranes sculptures for sale

    Wildlife Art
    trumpeter swans, panther cub
    Trumpeter Swans

    Panther Cubs

    How Chris Dixon Studios May Work For You:

    1. Contact us with your concept or work with one of our qualified artists to begin to visualize your ideas in 3D and get a ballpark estimate. We have private folders of successful project examples and custom commissions.
    2. When you are ready to proceed a detailed cost quote will be invoiced requiring a deposit to start. Our testimonials and 100% successful completion since 1976 speak volumes about respect and quality!
    3. Your own custom and private progress Gallery will enable direct appraisal and feedback at anytime. Upon achievement of a few milestone steps, your satisfaction and approval will be necessary to proceed. Your satisfaction is always important, even after delivery.

    Allow us to Create Your Dreams into Reality!

    Nautical Sea Life:
    Free Spirit 3 Dolphins, Fish: Great White Shark
    Limited Edition Dolphins, Free Spirit III

    Fish: Great White Shark
    • Custom Design & Prototypes
    • Mold making
    • Website services
    • 1-888-700-8528

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    Wildlife & Art Treasures

    ..custom original art designs to wholesale and retail productions.
    16th century Spanish Treasures : museum quality reproductions

    Multi-Media Museum quality reproductions!

    Antique Replicas

    Antique Apple and Pear Tea Caddy replicas
    Antique Pear tea caddy, Antique Apple caddy

    Featured Period Antiques Replicas
    Antique Furniture Gallery:
    Carved Chippendale Tea Table,
    Bombay Tea Caddy
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